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General Information


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Desktop Application

tchrNOTE Portal is intended for office use. Is a stand alone application work even Internet connection failure.

Mobile Application

tchrNOTE Mobile App(Android phone and tablets) is intended for teachers to use inside classroom to record all activities and for management people to view reports and what is happening in school when they are away. Application works even Internet connection failure.

Parent's Portal Parent

Portal( is intended for parents and students. Optimized for mobile use.  Enhanced student reports with graphs.  Feedback and remarks.  CCE report.  Events and meeting at school.  Digital contents shared by school.  Assignments and submission report.

Who We Are
The Home of Innovative Technology

At the brink of the digital revolution, Teacher Note IT Solutions is a group of talented people prepared to embrace the change with imaginative products and innovative technology, began its journey in the IT and ITES sector by introducing tchrNOTE in the Indian market.

Since entering the market through the tchrNOTE Mobile app, our progress has been rapid and constant. With a clear vision of the future and imaginative products. Since our inception, Teacher Note IT Solutions achievements in this sector include introducing the first complete school management software through Android device in the Indian market.

Building on the success and the experience garnered through our initial years in this industry, we are surging ahead. Having Teacher Note IT Solutions as competitive brand amongst leaders, we aim to achieve ambitious milestones by introducing cutting edge technology.