Desktop Application

tchrNOTE Portal is intended for office use. Is a stand alone application work even Internet connection failure.

Mobile Application

tchrNOTE Mobile App(Android phone and tablets) is intended for teachers to use inside classroom to record all activities and for management people to view reports and what is happening in school when they are away. Application works even Internet connection failure.

Parent's Portal

Parent Portal ( is intended for parents and students. Optimized for mobile use. Enhanced student reports with graphs. Feedback and remarks. CCE report. Events and meeting at school. Digital contents shared by school. Assignments and submission report.

tchrNOTE ?

Building a software that meets your requirements within your budget is not possible for small and medium scale organisations, So you have to buy ready made software for your needs.Unfortunately, when it comes to your school’s administrative software, this means you are FORCED to change to a system you may not be comfortable with and which may not be what your school needs. Don’t compromise, or settle for less, when it comes to your school and your students. You have a choice !

The Smart Solution

tchrNOTE is an integrated system of software solutions for School administration, Student information , Home-to-School Collaboration, Online Curriculum, Education Staff Development, Instructional Management, Teacher Grade book Management, and our schools enjoy the benefits of that stability, experience and longevity. We have always specialised in flexible, integrated solutions that meet a school’s exact needs. Before you consider any conversion offer, you owe it to your school to learn how tchrNOTE comprehensive solutions can help your school meet your administrative requirements, improve school-to-home communication, Education Staff Development, and drive student performance and success.


  • Next Generation Technology
  • Desk top portal for off line users
  • Web portal for School and parents
  • Mobile app to connect class room to administration system
  • Mobile app to connect transport system to administration system
  • Mobile app for parents
  • Automatic notification system (Mail and SMS)
  • Internal mailing and messaging system
  • Intelligent reporting system

School Administration System

tchrNOTE is a full suite of integrated software for comprehensive student data, financial and human resources, and instructional management as well as collaboration.

Student Administrative Software

The tchrNOTE cross-platform school administration and student information system manages extensive information at both the school and foundation/group levels while saving time by eliminating repeated data entry. The graphics-based design and drag-and-drop capabilities make it easy for faculty, staff, and administrators to customise their desktop and tablet PC’s, putting the information and functionality they need at their finger tips.

Home-to-School Collaboration system

tchrNOTE provides a convenient way to home-to-school communication tool to provide parents with a way to keep track of their children's academic progress online. Via an easy-to-use, password-protected Web site customized for your school, and/or a mobile application parents may view school program announcements as well as their students' grades, attendance, assignments, and much more.

Online Curriculum Management system

tchrNOTE provides a comprehensive online courseware system that delivers thousands of hours of standards-based curriculum, along with integrated assessment and student management and record keeping. Teachers and schools can contribute to the online knowledge-base.

Student Information System

The function of Student Information Systems is to monitor attendance, class size, and work with the foundation/group regarding school attendance areas. Additionally we maintain Student Information System software used by all of schools within a foundation/group. And we prepare and submit all attendance and demographic information required by the foundation/group.